The Original 3D Blackout Sleepmask

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✔︎ Big, squishy, cloud-like padding
✔︎ Total black-out design
✔︎ 22 Momme, mulberry silk
✔︎ Fully adjustable head strap
✔︎ Wrap-around skin and hair protection
✔︎ 100% washable

Masterfully crafted by Drowsy for maximum comfy vibes. Wear this luxury silk mask for an uninterrupted beauty sleep every night. Provides the ultimate escape for weary eyes.


$7.00 Per Box

Save $12.00

Sleep faster


Sleep better


Feel Calmer


complete darkness: unlocking perfect sleep, always.

Complete darkness is the secret to healthy sleep. It helps regulate your body's natural cycles. And permits total relaxation for the mind and eyes. 

Easier falling asleep and uninterrupted rest throughout the night with 100% light blocking material, a secure fit to stay on your head without slipping off, and ultra-soft design, promoting deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.

💤 Deeper, Uninterrupted Sleep

😴 Effortless Falling Asleep

🌙 More REM Sleep

Unlock the Emotional Benefits of a Good Night's Sleep with Calmer

Sleep is more than just physical rest—it's essential for emotional and mental health. Getting a good sleep with Calmer enhances your mood, boosts emotional resilience, and improves your social interactions by making you more attuned and patient. It also helps reduce stress and lowers the risk of depression by keeping your brain chemicals in balance.


Set the stage for a happier, healthier, more resilient you. Embrace restful nights and wake up to brighter, calmer days.


Its ultra-soft design ensures unparalleled comfort, making it feel like it's barely there. Whether you're a belly, back, or side sleeper, the Deep Sleep Mask will always be comfortable. And thanks to it's secure but adjustable fit, it will stay on your head. All night.

Block Out The World

Specially designed around the nose area, our mask lets you immerse yourself in darkness. It's like turning off the world's lights, allowing you to drift off with ease no matter whether night or day.

Feels Like A Comfy Hug For Your Eyes

Our lightweight sleep mask delivers all-night comfort and top-notch support in every position, ensuring you enjoy uninterrupted, blissful sleep with unmatched comfort throughout the night.

Zero Pressure, Just Comfort

The 3D contour of the mask keeps it away from your eyelashes and eyelids, letting you blink freely without any pressure. It’s like having nothing there at all—only way comfier.

Don’t Sweat It

Because 100% Blackout shouldn't feel like a sauna for your eyes. Our mask keeps the air flowing, so you stay cool and relaxed, no sweat.

SO GOOD, You Can´t wait for your next Nap

Unlike your average sleep mask, our 3D fluffy-cloud padding blocks even the tiniest ray of light and guarantees complete darkness—perfect for undisturbed naps. Quickly escape into restful bliss, and wake up refreshed and energized. It's so effective, you'll find yourself looking forward to your next rejuvenating break.

100% True Blackout

Restorative sleep without interruptions.

100% True Blackout

Restorative sleep without interruptions.

100% True Blackout

Restorative sleep without interruptions.

100% True Blackout

Restorative sleep without interruptions.

Wide Strapless Design

Padded silk protection for your skin and hair.

Next-Level Comfort

Instantly calm your senses every night.


Adjustable diopter lenses offer personalized focusing power - so you can find your viewing sweet spot.


  • Stays on all night

  • Pitch black bliss for the deepest sleep

  • Comfy in any sleep position

  • Breathable and cool

  • Perfect size

  • Spacious and pressure-free; blink all you want!


  • Slips and slides

  • Lets in annoying light leaks

  • Uncomfortable for back sleepers

  • Turns into a mini sauna

  • Oversized

  • Crushes lashes and strains eyes

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