Our Cloud7 3D Blackout Sleep Mask blocking out 100% of light; you're setting the stage for better emotional health, resilience, and happiness. Perfect for power naps or deep sleep, this mask helps you recharge during the day and wake up to brighter, calmer days.

Long-Lasting Performance

Dura power technology optimizes power consumption and lasts 4 times longer than a 
standard trimmer.

Skin-Friendly Touch

Blades stay extra-sharp but still have rounded blade tips and combs to prevent irritation.

Self-Sharpening Stainless Steel Blades

The trimmer's steel blades delicately rub against one another, sharpening themselves.

Welcome to Parenthood: Where Sleep Becomes a Luxury

Struggling to catch enough Zzz´s? Our sleep mask offers the ultimate experience, enveloping you in darkness for those much-needed moments of rest.

Sleep in Total Darkness Always

Our mask's sleek design fits snugly around your face, ensuring 100% darkness even on the brightest day. It's so effective, you can enjoy deep, undisturbed sleep anytime, anywhere.

Zero Pressure, Just Softness

Filled with high-density memory foam, our mask offers supreme soft support while staying clear of your eyelashes and eyelids, allowing you to blink freely without any discomfort.

For Unmatched Comfort, in Any Position

No matter how you toss and turn our mask adjusts smoothly to your sleep style, ensuring you barely feel it’s there. Enjoy uninterrupted rest without the hassle.

Boost your beauty sleep.

Take your beauty zzz's to the next level with the Cloud 7 Blackout Mask. Sleeping in darkness is the secret to healthy sleep. It helps regulate your body's natural cycles. And permits total relaxation for the mind and eyes. This game changing mask blocks sleep-interrupting light and pillows your eyes with the purest, padded silk. 

Becasuse Sleep is more than just physical rest—it's a critical component of our emotional and mental health.

Mood Enhancement

Lack of sleep can make your emotions feel like a rollercoaster. When you're well-rested, your brain is better at regulating these emotions, fostering a more positive, patient, and cheerful mood throughout the day.

Calm overactive minds

Our brains need sleep to process and make sense of the emotional experiences of the day. Quality sleep helps us detach from the day’s stresses, giving us a clearer, more balanced perspective when we wake up.

Stress Relief

Sleep naturally reduces stress levels, helps your body regulate stress hormones like cortisol, and promotes a relaxed state. This improved stress management supports a healthier emotional life.

Depression Prevention

Consistent, quality sleep can significantly decrease the risk of depression. It helps maintain the balance of brain chemicals that influence your mood and emotions, leading to a happier, more stable state of mind.

Calmer customer notices...

... that their sleep quality and well being improved after the first day of use.


People feel comfortable wearing it all day long


People are extremely satisfied with the sound quality


People feel comfortable wearing it all day long


People can focus more on work thanks to noise cancellation

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